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Some items in your garden have more function than others and are not there for stylish purposes alone. This includes weathervanes, which are instruments that are used to display the direction of wind. In the past, weathervanes were normally placed on the highest point of roofs to serve as a type of architectural ornament. However, as time has passed, new uses for weathervanes have been developed and become trendy. Now weathervanes are a very popular accessory for your garden area and come in a wide variety of designs and shapes. The main benefit of weathervanes is that they are often customized to your preferences. So instead of placing weathervanes on the tops of buildings, more and more people are seeing the aesthetic and functional benefits of placing weathervanes in their garden areas.

The style and design options that are available for weathervanes are diverse and allow options for all types of individuals. This includes weathervanes designed in the shape of boats, horses, arrows, flowers and other appealing items. Outdoor settings are the perfect location for weathervanes and allow you to create an old fashioned look that is attractive and decorative. Weathervanes range in sizes and can be discrete or the focal point of any garden or home. These are style statement pieces that exude distinction and elegance. Any garden can benefit from the addition of such a charming outdoor accessory. There are even miniature weathervane options that come in a variety of styles and themes. The different themes that are available in weathervane selections include sports, animal options and other garden related items.

Weathervanes are incredibly durable and are designed and crafted to withstand all adverse weather conditions. Most weathervanes can be placed directly into the ground and will remain secure until removed with force. The three main types of weathervanes are for your roof, deck or garden. These are the three most popular locations to display your weathervanes and most weathervanes are made to be displayed in certain locations.

Therefore, roof weathervanes come with appropriate brackets for roof installation. It is important to properly install your weathervane to ensure that it is stable and at less risk of falling. Weathervanes are only constructed using the best materials to ensure that they are long lasting and don’t rust or fade over time. Copper and brass weathervanes are the most popular options, but there are other varieties. No matter what type of weathervane you choose, it is guaranteed that you will love the distinguished look that it brings to your garden or rooftop area.

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