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Innova Heater Buying Guide

A well-designed outdoor heating solution will extend the outdoor experience year-round by providing an added element of warmth and comfort. With multiple sizes, wattages, and power options to choose from, selecting the right heater for your space can be a bit overwhelming. Below we have put a step-by-step guide that will help you determine which model and how many you need for your space.

Step 1: Measure and Analyze the Space

The first step in determining how many heaters to purchase is to measure your space. You need to decide if you are looking to heat the entire space or a just a specific seating area within that space (see example below). Innova infrared patio heaters produce a warm blanket of infrared rays that will keep people and objects within its heat bloom warm, not the air. Once you have a better idea of the size of the area you are looking to heat, you can move on to Step 2.

Example: Heating a Patio for Full Coverage

  • 30 x 20 ft oudoor space
  • 10ft mounting height
  • Flat ceiling, looking to recess unit
  • Full coverage
full coverage ceiling mount heater placement

Recommendation: (6) 6k watt units with recessed frames, (3) dual duplex switches, slight overheat.

Example: Heating a Patio for Spot Coverage

  • 30 x 20 ft oudoor space
  • 10ft mounting height
  • Looking to wall mount unit
  • Specific seating and dining area heat coverage
spot coverage wall mount heater placement

Recommendation: (3) 6k watt units, (3) single switches.

Expert Tip: It is always better to overheat a space rather than underheat a space. What this means is that it's a good idea to oversize the heater so that the heat blooms overlap. Infrared heaters heat people and objects: The further you are away from a unit the less you will feel the heat. For example, if you have a 10 X 10 space it would be good to go with a 6,000w unit that will give you an 11 X 11 coverage. Although the heat bloom is bigger than the space, this will give you the most even heat throughout and there are controls that can be purchased to help you control the heat output.

Step 2: Determine your Mounting Height

Innova offers three different wattages to choose from and choosing the right model based on your mounting height is important. Below is a chart that will help you determine which model to choose from based on your mounting height. Once you find your heater based on mounting height you can move on to step 3.

What is your Mounting Height?

We suggest the 4000 Watt Heater

We suggest the 5000 Watt Heater

We suggest the 6000 Watt Heater

Step 3: Drag and Drop to Visualize Your Space

Now that you know the area of your space that you would like to heat and you know which model is perfect, use our layout tool to see how many you will need.



    • EF40 - 4,000W
    • EF50 - 5,000W
    • EF60 - 6,000W


    • 208V
    • 240V
    • 277V
    • 480V




Step 4: Check Available Power

The most important aspect of choosing the correct heater is to make sure that the voltage of the element matches the power available. Residential homes more than likely will require 240v power, but it is always a good idea to confirm with your electrician prior to purchasing a heater. A heater where the voltage does not match the power will not effectively heat the space.

Expert Tips

Frequently Asked Questions

Innova is a brand of heaters that was launched by a Canadian Lighting Manufacture called Eurofase. With decades of experience in the architectural lighting sector, they expanded their product offering to include Infrared Patio heaters to give clients a stylish option when looking to extend their outdoor season. Innova studied the market and created a product that can be purchased in endless color and custom laser cut decor plates options at a fraction of the cost compared to others in the Market.

Innova heaters use invisible infrared rays to heat a specific targeted area, this technology is known as medium wave infrared heat. Because these rays can be directed towards people and objects, this is the perfect solution to comfortably heat the desired area, rather than heating the air around them. Innova heaters come in various sizes, wattages, colors, and design options to choose from.

You can often see this listed on your electrical panel or your meter. However, if you are not sure, we recommend you speak with a licensed electrician.

You can determine amperage by taking the wattage of your selected heater and divide by the voltage. This is also known as Ohm’s Law.

ohm's law

Amperage per wattage at 240v ? watts/voltage=Amps

  • 1500 = 6.25 amps
  • 1600 = 6.6 amps
  • 2000 = 8.3 amps
  • 2500 = 10.4 amps
  • 3000 = 12.5 amps
  • 4000 = 16.6 amps
  • 5000 = 20.8 amps
  • 6000 = 25 amps

Minimum clearance: 6" behind, 18" sides, 36" in front.

Each heater ships with the quartz elements along with all mounting hardware for ceiling or wall mount. Controls sold seperately.

Medium wave heaters have optimal performance when the ambient temperature is at 60 degrees farenheit. You can expect these units to heat a space 8-10 degrees warmer than the ambient temperature.

Innova's warranty is Three years. We are confident in the products we sell so Patio Products USA will offer an extended 1 year warranty for no extra cost.