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Small Umbrellas (6' - 8' Width)

Table Size Suggested Umbrella
Under 24" Umbrellas Below 6'
24"-36" 6'-7' Umbrellas
36"-48" 7'-8' Umbrellas

Best Uses For Small Umbrellas

illustration of two wooden chairs next to a small bistro table and a shrub

Bistro Tables

illustration of four chair around a round table

2-4 Person Dining

illustration of a single pool lounge chair

Single Chair

Medium Umbrellas (8' - 10' Width)

Table Size Suggested Umbrellas
48"-60" 8'-9' Umbrellas
60"-72" 9'-10' Umbrellas

Best Uses For Medium Umbrellas

illustration of a four person patio conversation set with red cushions

4-6 Person Dining or Conversation Sets

illustration of two lounge chairs side by side next to a pool

Chair or Chaise Lounge Set

illustration of a sectional sofa and small table with cups on top

Small Sofa or Sectional

Large Umbrellas (10' - 13'+ Width)

illustration of a large sectional sofa and oval outdoor table
Table Size Suggested Umbrellas
72"-84" 10'-11' Umbrellas
96"-108" 11'-13' Umbrellas
Over 108" 13' + Umbrellas

Best Uses For Large Umbrellas

illustration of an eight person dining or conversation set featuring blue pillows

Large Outdoor Seating Areas

illustration of four lounge chairs next to a pool shaded by a large umbrella

6-8 Person Dining or Conversation Sets

Pool Umbrella